Francisco Rodriguez Martinez

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I was born in a small town in the southwest of Spain called Huelva.

I started in the world of technology with my first personal computer when I was 10. At that time, accessing to Internet wasn't so easy, so I started to investigate both the operation of Windows itself and with the hardware of my 30Gb HDD computer.

At that time, the access and manipulation of the hardware was common. The most interested people in the technology world modified their consoles, settled new hardware on their computers... and I was one of them. Step by step I began to get deeper.

When I arrived at high school, I began to learn about programming and web design by the first time and I conceived the basic knowledge to create a website. I created my first web as end of course work and then created two other webs about sport and leisure.

My desires to discover the world of technology were increasing and soon I began to take courses in graphic design and video editing, while I got into the world of photography. In 2011 I got my first graphics tablet and started to make my first designs, until I realized I could combine my knowledge and perform better works. In the same year I started a course on development in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript web applications on mobile devices, taught by the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

After the success in the courses, I saw the potential that I could be carried out, so I decided to do more courses taught by the Polytechnic University of Madrid about web applications and I created my own website, where I tested the potential of the HTML's latest revision and the last level of CSS, that means HTML5 and CSS3.

In 2014 I moved to London, where i tested the Raspberry Pi to begin researching a new platform. Later, after the arrival of Paul to London and his knowledge of web programming in both Spanish and English companies, the first ideas to start our own company took shape, until finally, with Isra, we forged that idea and Sekkend was born.

Photography: Miriam Cortiz.