Our own way to build a proper web


Currently, the requirements for the design has been lost. Most websites are built with the same techniques, aesthetics, and tools. In Sekkend we move away from all that to create unique and exclusive designs, where the requirements of the customer are our priority. Based on our knowledge, we always advise our clients to ensure that their design is highly efficient, as we believe that with a fluent communication we'll get a better result.

  • With HTML5, your website will be a new media center with a higher speed. The new HTML5 tags provide new possibilities on the web. In the past, things as simple as watching a video or listening to an audio required heavy tools, however, now we can include them in a much more fluid and lightly way, as well as safe, thanks to the new canvas or the new audio and video elements.
  • All this comes on the heels of CSS3, with whom we can get a higher aesthetic with its new modules such as the new selectors, animation effects or new properties like FlexBox. CSS3 gives us the possibility of create better designs with a cleaner programming, which your web will appreciate.
  • Our team is graphic design specialized when it comes to images and animations. In our projects we will create a fresh set of icons, logos and illustrations according to the web design layout.