The Sekkend idea came up after 3 old friends with different technological and artistic skills, gathered together again after a long time. After a quick brainstorm and profiling the details, we knew already what we could offer to our future clients. Just after that, the Sekkend idea was completely mature and the project was ready to go in development.

There was a defined aim since the beginning of the project, it was to create a range of products with a high technological level, scalable and fitted to the client needs offering a full service. With the clear idea of taking websites to a different level using the newest technologies and ideas escaping from the default design paradigm that we have nowadays.

Quickly, we put all our knowledge together and started to work on the Sekkend project, this made us work more than ever to develop the project and designing the website. Now, Sekkend is ready to provide a service which we are completely proud, and have every confidence that our clients will be benefit from it.

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Paul Weinberger: Back end developer, analyst & technology responsible. Know more.


Back end developer, analyst & technology responsible

Together with the design, there is a need for functionality. Paul works on the code behind the visible, he makes the websites fast and reliable. When it comes to choose technologies for the projects, he is the man. Know more.

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Fran Rodriguez: Front end developer, responsive designer & CMS responsible. Know more.


Front end developer, responsive designer & CMS responsible

The web has changed, and today would be a mistake to design a website to watch it only on the computer. Therefore, Fran creates an responsive design for a proper display in all kinds of devices. Know more.

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Isra Delgado: Web designer, graphic designer & UI/UX responsible. Know more.


Web designer, graphic designer & UI/UX responsible

Currently, the website is not a website without a proper graphic design or optimization for users. Our webs pass through the Isra's hands to get intuitive and visually attractive for the user. Know more.

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