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Hello to everyone!

Welcome to our new blog. This is a website created by the developers from Sekkend studio to tell the story about our daily routines related to the startup of this project. After finishing our principal website, I thought that maybe it was a good time to write my first post.

Sekkend studio was born of the idea of 3 friends scattered through the European Union who want to get together again and start their own business using their knowledge they earned on the past years. To make it short, we thought about Sekkend as a studio that designs, builds and manage modern and quality websites in the UK and across the EU, specially focusing on Spanish and German markets. So we want to show our future clients what we can do: we want provide nice-looking and error-free websites using the newest and most reliable technologies out in the market. Our aim is to make websites that stand out among the classical designs and make them intuitive, accessible by everyone and for any device.

After evaluating which are the weakest aspects of websites, we thought that we can find our place in the professional world building correct and scalable websites that follows all the standards of web development when we put all our knowledge together. We have a lot of experience in subjects like SEO, design, responsive development, compatibility, databases,  translation or business logic and we want to show it.

May you ask who we are? I will explain you: we are a group of very good friends who share the same interests and life goals. We are creative people full of ideas, we have strong technological skills, we are from the technology generation and know how internet works.

Together with Harley who has the best knowledge in user interfaces and Fran, who has unique template skills. We want to design beautiful websites with CMS or develop websites from the scratch with all the functionalities the clients needs.

Today, we have our web launched and want to show what kind of websites we believe in. We will keep the blog up to date with everything that we do or want to do, so keep us on track and don’t miss to subscribe to us.

If you want to know more about us, you can check out our studio site or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you very much for reading,

The Sekkend team.

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